hatsan torpedo 155 vortex air rifle

Hatsan Torpedo 155 Vortex Air Rifle Review In 2023

At present, a great deal has changed in air rifles since the Daisy Red Ryder BB air gun. Today, air rifles are powerful exactness apparatuses that can be utilized for chasing or sport shooting with outrageous precision.

This is the article about the Hatsan torpedo 155 vortex air rifle review. I hope you will like this.

Hatsan Torpedo 155 Vortex Air rifle is the top model of an underlever cylinder air rifle with wooden stock. The applied spring is a tensioning design, just as the fixed barrel is remarkably suggested for those searching for a rigid, solid, and exact breeze weapon. This advanced air rifle with a demonstrated development with a lengthened and the augmented pressure chamber is remarkably suggested for admirers of a wide range of alterations.

Airguns are a fascinating interest. Each time you think you’ve seen everything, creators approach and convey something new. It is a market and interest that is continually evolving. Nonetheless, the center ideas commonly stay something very similar.

The Best Hatsan torpedo 155 vortex air rifle review

These models of hats brands have gained so much popularity in a few days. Most of the users have highly recommended this air rifle. Let see all the essential features, pros, and cons of the gun in detail.

Hatsan Torpedo 155 Vortex Air Rifle: Best for fully adjustable provides with a gas piston air rifle

“It has 11mm & Weaver optics rail, It made with anti-beartrap mechanism, Has Manual safety”

Key Highlights:

  • Max Velocity-  1, 200 FPS alloy/1, 000 FPS lead
  • Total length- 1210 mm
  • Model- Torpedo 155 Vortex 
  • Drive-  Gas-piston Underlever Single-shot 
  • Weight- 4800g
  • Material- Trio pad shoulder cushion
  • Color- Brown
  • Barrel- Steel
  • Grip- Right
  • Stock-Turkish walnut wooden

Product description:

The Hatsan Torpedo 155 Rotating Air Rifle is a product of high power. This rifle can be a great companion for you outdoors. Powerful Quattro trigger capable of taking single shots and barrel 2-stage adjustable. The outstanding Turkish walnut stock will make you feel adjustable. It has a shock absorber system, so it is highly flexible. Trigger and vibration are not too much. It takes less time to shoot.

Hatsan Torpedo 155 Airgun helps to get rid of pests in your garden. Even it’s the rifle. It is capable of sprouting and plunking spinners. The maximum speed of the gun is – 1 200. The higher power is about – 31 feet lbs. It has 2 Quatro triggers that will not interfere with shooting. Hatsan rifles’ consistently lightweight receiver does not lose the energy to shoot.

Can adjust the gun in the rearview to keep this rifle target steady. Thus, it is a great air rifle for target practice. The product’s actions and activities can help you develop skills. It can use it in training and from the attack of outside animals.

The actual weight of this rifle makes it easy to carry. Its body is made of high-quality material. This rifle is safe and easy to use for you.

Special Feature:

  • Under switch positioning framework with tear open stacking port 
  • Quattro Trigger is a 2-stage completely flexible match trigger framework 
  • Rise movable brush 
  • SAS Shock Absorber System fundamentally diminishes vibration 
  • Excellent certifiable Turkish pecan stock 
  • TRIOPAD butt framework for greatest backlash retention 
  • Truglo fiber optic sights 
  • Substantial secure 11mm/22mm Weaver-style scope mounts 
  • Sling turns on the butt and lower arm


  • It has beautiful Turkish walnut stock
  • It’s an accurate, durable gun
  • Provide safety concern also
  • Has advanced gas innovation technology
  • It has Turkish walnut wooden stock
  • Got adjustable trigger options
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Provide 1-year warranty
  • Has underlever single shot
  • Its rear sight is fully adjustable
  • Has great compressor chamber


  • It’s cumbersome and hard to shot also
  • The system is not comfortable
  • It’s pretty costly to buy for fun rifles

Why it should be on your top list:

Users always recommend the Hatsan Torpedo 155 Vortex. People used to love every single feature of this rifle. It has all the durable features that a wind gun must-have. Though nowadays people like to hunt or have airguns. These types of guns that come with all safety measures are the best option for anyone.

It also has a warranty process and all the manual safety creation besides its complete pack rifle that is available on every online store easily. If you are looking for a pretty reasonable air gun with all the expected features, this will be the best choice.

Buying Guide:

Hatsan is an excellent adjustable air rifle made of extraordinary wood. There is no risk in using it.


This rifle is the best in terms of superior durability. There is no doubt about it. The robust structure of the spring and the stable barrel is designed to be durable. Are you looking for a complete and accurate air gun? Then no worries. It is safe for you. Modern rifles can shoot from a distance.

Hatsan length:

Hatsans barrel is about 430 mm long. It can quickly aim and shoot. Can use it with the right or left hand. Mounting rails about 11 mm and 22 mm and rubber pads fitted. Its rubber pad will give you strength when you shoot.

Automatic protection:

The air cylinder attached to it will protect you when you go to shoot. It is secured in such a way that when the spring is pulled, the organ becomes automatic. The anti-beer-trap protection attached to the rifle will protect your hand from being hit during the shot.

Expenditure plan:

What do you think about the cost of rifles? No worries. I think you can afford it. You may have to spend, like very ordinary weapons. However, they are similar in quality and power to other

rifles—fantastic and high-quality rival rifles. Compressed air firearms for the compact air firearms you plan to use may cost anywhere from 40 to over $ 1000.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ):

How safe is the 155 Vortex air rifle?

This brand has provided manual safety checks on the pistol grip and forearm SAS. So you don’t have to worry about controlling this rifle at all.

What is the metafile of the body part of this rifle?

Hatsan rifle made with the perfect material. So it is rugged and robust. These rifles are traditionally made of firearm metal. Other parts are also made by mixing steel. It is made of casting and metal alloys, so it is possible to build a strong rifle. The weight of the receiver is light due to the presence of aluminum material.

Does this rifle include any pellet?

Yes, this gun has installed one pellet included. Besides, it has three adjustable stock spaces also.

What are the best uses of this 155 vortex rifle?

You can reasonably use it for hunting; these guns are specially used for pest control. Besides, you can use it easily for practicing target shoot also.

Final word:

If you love to hunt or shoot targeting points, shoot spinner, then hatsan torpedo 155 vortex air rifle review is here for you. These air guns have provided all the features that any rifle hunter should require. Customers have given so many thoughts on this air rifle.

Torpedo 155 vortex gives a smoother shooting experience with an adjustable trigger and right-sight rear setting. It’s an ultimate air rifle gun with a gas piston. The most amazing fact is you will get a one-year warranty with this rifle. It also has a manual safety structure that can provide guidelines for safe use.

Without any doubt, this is the best price rifle for sure. So, go for these fantastic Turkish walnut models at a nearby store or online booking without any further.

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