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Top 10 Best Tactical Ballistic Helmet Reviews In 2021

Tactical ballistic helmets are an important body armor for anyone who is involved in conflict or combat areas and under today’s higher threat levels operators must be assured that their helmet will deliver the protection they need.

So they can focus on their mission and remain safe and secure as any injury to the head could kill us in an instant these tactical ballistic helmets are the ones which are going to protect us without breaking a sweat.

To help you find the perfect best tactical helmet for you we have gathered a list of the top 10 best ballistic tactical helmets based on the durability features design and overall ratings, without further ado let’s dive into the reviews.

Top 10 Best Tactical Ballistic Helmet Reviews

LOOGU Fast PJ Base Jump Military Helmet

Introducing the Fast PJ Base Jump military helmet from LOOGU a tactical helmet that offers a lightweight construction and is designed to give you the highest level of safety comfort and modularity constructed with high-performance Camo fabrics.

Its lightweight shell features an undercutting geometric profile that follows the natural shape of your head providing exceptional stability and coverage allowing you to wear it for hours without having any discomfort featuring a 100 boltless shell.

It has some holes in or through the ballistic material which assures you the maximum ballistic performance so that you can tackle any tactical situation with ease with an excellent impact protection capability.

The Loogu fast PJ helmet comes with two sets of adjustable comfort pads that let you manage the internal layout to customize the interior just for your head offering an ultra suit chin cup.

Its retention system also features Camlock sliders for ease of adjustment while the ends of the retention terminate with inverse clips which provides you additional safety and security with the perfect combination of durable construction lightweight design and additional security features.

The fast PJ helmet from LOOGU is an outstanding choice that will surely handle any tactical situations without a doubt.


  • Material: Polyethylene Fibers
  • Shell: 100% boltless
  • Pads: Adjustable Two Sets
  • Slider: Cam-Loc Sliders
  • Total: System Weight: 2.2 Ibs c
  • Ballistic Shell Weight: 1.1 Ibs

Lancer Tactical Bump Helmet

Affordable yet feature pack meet the Lancer Tactical CA-806 a military tactical helmet that offers unique features and is built with premium quality materials in order to give you a comfortable feel made of abs construction.

This helmet is lightweight but sturdy which means you can wear it comfortably while ensuring durability, it comes with bungee goggle strap clips side rails, and an nvg shroud which allows you to attach an unlimited number of accessories including cameras, lights, and a night vision system and many more.

Its velcro on the top and back of the helmet allows you to add patches name tapes and more allowing you to customize your helmet as per your style it offers a rear adjustment dial knob which allows you to adjust the size of the helmet by simply turning the dial.

So that you can wear your helmet having a tight and comfortable fit the lantern tactical CA-806 military tactical helmet is a great helmet for its affordable price tag and tons of features which will let you tackle any situation with the breeze.


  • Material: ABS Construction
  • Strap: Goggle Strap Clips
  • Rails: Side Rails
  • Shroud: NVG Shroud
  • Velcro: Top & Back
  • Size: Fits heads 22.4″-23.6″

JFFCESTORE Airsoft Tactical Helmet

Introducing the JFFCESTORE Airsoft a Tactical ballistic helmet that offers a lightweight design and adjustable features in order to make your helmet wearing a breeze for airsoft use the helmet is made of a hard polymer which makes it lightweight yet also offers a rigid design.

So that you can wear it comfortably with ease designed to support mounted accessories, this helmet has side rails and an integrated mbg mounting point which allows you to fit a variety of tactical accessories like pov cameras GoPro lights goggles, and many more.

The area around the ear is shaped to allow you the flexibility to use electronic hearing protections communications or ballistic side up armors without any hassle.

It comes with removable internal padding along with an adjustable chin strap allowing you to adjust your fittings as per your comfort zone with its loop velcro panels on the right and left side you can attach morale patches nameplates or reflective tabs pretty easily.

The JFFCESTORE airsoft is a great tactical ballistic helmet that is well known for its lightweight design adjustable features and durable construction.


  • Material: Hard Polymer
  • Side Rails: Yes
  • Paddings: Yes, Removable
  • Chin Strap: Adjustable
  • Loop Velcro Panels: Left & Right

OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet

Get yourself prepared for any battleground with the OneTigris MICH 2000 style a tactical ballistic helmet that offers durable construction and adjustable feature to wear your helmet comfortably and securely constructed from abs plastic of excellent strength with high impact resistance.

This helmet can hold out against any tactical situation without any trouble it features a built-in front mount and side rails option which provides you with the attachment points for quick attach or release of your flashlights cameras night vision goggles and many more.

Its seven pieces of self-adjustable sponge padding inside it provides the cushion to the helmet over your head and also offers adjustable suspender straps and shin pad to give you the best fitting allowing you to wear your helmet comfortably without taking any pressure it also has a loop panel for morale patches and add-ons.

So you can personalize your helmet and place your attachments with ease with the perfect combination of durable material and soft cushioning the OneTigris MICH 2000 is an excellent tactical ballistic helmet which will let you win in any game pretty easily.


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Head Size: 22″-24″
  • Rail: Side Rail
  • Mount: Front Mount
  • Padding: 7 pieces of self-adjustable
  • Weight: 665g

Crye Precision AirFrame

Meet the AirFrame helmet from Crye Precision a tactical ballistic helmet that offers a lightweight design and sets the standard in protection comfort and modularity, it comes with a revolutionary vented shell design that delivers passive cooling that can reduce the damaging effects of explosive blast waves.

This helmet can be pre-drilled for three or four-hole night vision goggle mounts which is fully compatible with ops core and Wilcox 3 hole mounts allowing you to attach your essentials with ease.

It also offers a modular arc rail along with the modular ear and fish protection system allowing you to remain safe and secure while you are in operation with its 3×4 inch soft padding, its retention system offers unmatched stability comfort, and ease of adjustment

So that you can wear the helmet comfortably the airframe helmet from cry precision is a great ballistic helmet for its comfortable design and modular protection system which will surely keep you protected without any trouble.


  • Rail: Modular ARC Rail
  • Shell: Revolutionary vented shell
  • Mounting: 3 or 4-hole NVG mounts
  • Pads: 3/4″
  • Weight: As low as 2.30 Ibs

OneTigris MICH 2000 ACH Tactical Helmet with NVG Mount

Introducing the OneTigris MICH 2000 a tactical ballistic helmet that offers a better fit and soft padding in order to handle any tactical situation comfortably built with composite armor material.

This helmet has a hard PU coating which allows the helmet to withstand any tactical situation with eaves, it offers a fast and high cut style design that allows you to have a better fit for hearing protection and radio ear equipment.

So that you can always be prepared to tackle any tactical situation, it comes with a firm but comfortable post cell memory foam padding and an advanced dial retention system that provides a secure fit while maintaining a high comfort level with an aluminum night vision goggle shroud

The helmet also offers an exterior hook and loop attachment sections so that you can attach your essentials with ease the OneTigris MICH 2000 is a great tactical ballistic helmet which is perfect for any police forces, CID units operators, and first responders.


  • Material: PU Hard Coating
  • Type: High Cut Fast/ACH
  • Armor Material: Composites
  • Shroud: Aluminum NVG shoe/shroud
  • Rails: Lateral side rails

DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump Helmet

Be ready in any battlefield will the DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump Helmet a high-performance tactical ballistic helmet that is built to provide you with a great advantage in any type of operation.

Its super high cut ballistic shell is made of a hybrid composite of the most advanced carbon unidirectional polyethylene and woven arrow made which offers maximum durability in the field of operation.

The helmet geometry shell extends critical coverage over the rear occipital bone with a load carrier interface and optimizes weight distribution for increased stability integration balance and improved comfort.

This helmet features a lightweight modular bungee shroud which reduces snag hazards interference and its carabiner eclipse improved night vision goggle retention and stability with an expanded polypropylene liner.

It offers enhanced impact protection and molded invent holes that are integrated with the shell to provide you with increased airflow and reduced heat stress the DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump Helmet is an excellent tactical ballistic helmet for its durability design and hybrid construction which will enable you to stay prepared in any tactical situation.


  • Material: Carbon, Polyethylene & Woven Aramid
  • Shroud: Lightweight Modular Bungee
  • Rails: Super High Cut Skeleton
  • Thickness: 5.58mm
  • Cut: Super High Cut


No products found.

Meet the 3M F70 BALLISTIC a tactical ballistic helmet that offers innovative construction and modular design in order to deliver the performance that you would need to fill your mission made with envats ultra-high molecular weight poly silent material.

Its shell gives you the ultimate strength which makes it durable to withstand heart impact this helmet geometry is engineered for improved coverage of critical areas and also provides increased stability and comfort.

So that you can wear it comfortably with an innovative no through-hole construction for mounting you can attach an ambition goggle shroud retention system and rails without any trouble.

The 3M F70 offers D3o trust helmet path systems with 7 or 9 paths to provide you excellent blunt impact protection stability and comfort so that you can always have confidence in the field.

This 3m ballistics helmet f70 has been evaluated and determined to be suitable for the air force attack line and military freefall operations under the test parachute program which makes it the best of the best and lets you use it with ultimate competence.


  • Shell: Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
  • Style: Tactical Cut (High)
  • Rails: Reverse Dovetail Rails
  • Suspension Systems: D30 Trust Helmet 9 Pads
  • Shroud: No thru-hole Attachment
  • Retention Systems: X-Back or Dial Retention

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Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Helmet

Introducing the Team Wendy EXFIL a high-performance tactical ballistic helmet that is built to maximize safety on any tactical operation with a glass-reinforced polycarbonate and TPU frame it, features a hybrid composite shell that has specialized geometry to give you increased strength and maximum durability.

So that you can keep your head protected without any hassle it features zorbium foam liner movable foam pads and backless cam fit retention which works together to fit the shape of your head in order to provide a secure and comfortable fit for protection against impact offering a lightweight aerospace grid aluminum mount interface.

This helmet features a three-hole Wilcox w shroud which is compatible with Wilcox NVG lanyard as well as with most standardized night fishing goggle mount base plates for the best in comfort and protection while being in a tactical situation the team wendy xl ballistic offers maximum safety and advantage to help you go through any tactical situation on the field.

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  • Comfort Pads: 16 Customizable
  • Shroud: 3-hole Wilcox W
  • Shroud Material: Aerospace-grade aluminum mount

Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast Helmet

Stay protected with the Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast tactical ballistic helmet that comes with durable construction and offers a multi-layer path system to keep you moving all the time made from ABS Engineering Plastics, EPS inner material, it is an ideal high-quality helmet for active and training members of the military and law enforcement as well as those in the private security industry.

It comes with 1x fast helmet, 1x foldable mask, 1x tactical google, a set of accessories, the overall profile of the helmet and prevents snagging in confined spaces while offering users enhanced modularity with accessory options it features the adaptive three-hole shroud that works with most common night vision goggle mounts allowing you to attach your optical devices or GoPro cameras with ease.

It offers a multi-layer patch system that allows you to configure the pad layers and thickens to get the best fit allowing you to wear your helmet comfortably the hardhead veterans ate generation 2 is an excellent tactical ballistic helmet for its durable construction and padding system which makes it ideal for any military or law enforcement people.


  • Material: ABS Engineering Plastics + EPS Anti-seismic Foam Plastic + Hook&Loop + Nylon
  • Accessories: 1x Fast Helmet, 1x Foldable mask, 1x Tactical Goggle
  • Head Circumference: One Size 21.2-23 inch
  • Weight: 0.90KG


So that was our list for the top 10 best tactical ballistic helmets for you. Hopefully, our reviews of the best tactical helmet have helped you to focus your selections on finding that which works best for you, with your budget. It’s high time to go on ahead to purchase your ideal perfect tactical helmet and get a brilliant operation started.

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