Top 7 Best Choke For Dove Hunting Reviews In 2021

Today I’m going to share the best choke for dove hunting and my years of experience on hunting dove, also a few little tips and tricks on dove hunting, and I’m sure the important tips will help you a lot, so let go with some of the best hunting chokes comparison.

7 Best choke for dove hunting

best choke for dove hunting

1. Carlson’s Dove Choke Tube

2. Choke Tubes Long Range White Wing

3. Choke Tube Benelli Crio Plus 12 Gauge

4. Choke Tubes Mid Range

5. 20 Gauge, Extended Range, Improved Modified, Diameter 595

6. Beretta Benelli Mobil White Wing 20 Gauge, Diameter 605

7 MOJO Outdoors Pick Stick Magnetic Shotgun Shell Retriever

8 Tips For Dove Hunters

We’re gonna be covering 8 tips that I think can help you bag more birds as a dove hunter these aren’t gonna be anything super complicated it’s just gonna be eight of the main things that I’ve noticed.

Over my years of dove hunting that I think is easy for you guys to replicate in the field to help increase your chances of success.

The tips I have are gonna cover a wide array of different things pertaining to dove hunting such as picking the best spot shooting recovering your birds and decoy strategy so jump right into it.

The First Tip

I have is to get under a powerline if possible when doves aren’t actively feeding they’ll congregate on powerlines a lot of times and you can use this to your advantage by sitting near or under one of those power lines.

If you have one on a property that you dove hunt typically the best power line to be under however is going to be one that runs through an agricultural field that you have doves feeding in a lot of times.

Before they drop down into the field they like to land on that power line make sure that there’s no predators in the field and then they’ll actually go and drop down into the field to feed.

Second Tip

My second tip is to elevate your mojo, we’re spinning wing decoys a lot of times guys just take their mojo and stick it right out in front of them and that works a good bit of the time.

However, I personally have had great luck elevating my spinning wing decoy using either stakes or putting it just on a fence post getting about six to eight feet up in the air multiple times before.

I’ve had my dove mojo out on the ground just about three or four feet up it was spinning you know attracting some doves but it wasn’t doing anything and fantastic.

I put it up on the fence post or put it up on a big stake a big piece of PVC and just like that the doves just started flocking to it so for some reason if you get that mojo or spinning wing decoy up higher the doves just seemed to come to it a lot more I guess it might because they see it more I don’t exactly know what it is I just know that it works.

My Third Tip

Pick the corner spot in your dove field especially if your dove field is surrounded by trees the birds typically try to enter through one of the corners of the field if there’s a gap in the trees typically that’s going to be the corner that the birds enter or exit through and there’s a good chance.

That if you’re sitting at the corner of two different tree lines the birds will be using those tree lines almost as an Avenue flying up and down them and it can greatly increase the amount of shots you get over the course of the day.

On top of that if you’re hunting a field that’s fenced in at the corner of two of those fences can be really hot for some reason the birds like to fly those fences up and down.

I know two years ago on opening day I sat right at the corner of a junction of two fences and the birds just seemed to draw right into that corner they wanted to really land right at the corner of those two fences so you can put out your mojo right in front of you put it out on top of a fence post and it seems that.

The birds just draw to those types of areas and my fourth tip is to actually call the doves with your mouth a lot of people don’t know or actually believe that you can call those with your mouth.

But it’s actually very easy it’s a simple five-note call I’ll demonstrate it very quickly and that’s what they do typically when they’re resting on a tree line or on a power line.

Most people can replicate that pretty easily and on top of that you have to use that call in the right situation it’s a lot like waterfowl hunting if the birds are being shot at if they’re scared they’re not going to respond to the call very well.

However, if you see birds flying calmly along and you call it them once or twice typically they will give you some sort of look you know it’s not always but I have had success before calling at them.

Especially if you have some sort of decoy out if you’re sitting under a tree or on a power line with the decoy and they hear you calling and they see that decoy typically they’ll come on right onto over and see you know who’s saying.

My Fifth Tip

Mark your Birds I’m sure you know this if you dump hunted before but doves are one of the hardest birds to find if you shoot them and drop them into tall cover they can be really tough to find they just seem to blend in very well and if you don’t have a great mark.

On them, you’ll lose them a lot of the time so if you drop any dove but especially one in two tall covers what you need to do is make a mark with your hand as soon as that bird drops.

So let’s say this dove coming along boom I shoot it falls into some tall cover as soon as I see that bird disappear I can’t see it any longer I need to make a mark with my hand point straight to where I saw that bird fall and pick out.

A visual reference point somewhere right in there to where I think that you know the area the bird is in I start walking straight towards that mark I don’t talk to my buddies I don’t take my eye off the mark because if you take your eye off the mark a lot of times you’ll lose.

It walk straight towards it when you get to the area where you think the Dove is dropping your hat on the ground search the immediate area if the dove is not there.

You can’t find it start walking circles get bigger and bigger every time you make another circle if your circles get so big that they’re unrealistic to come back to the center.

Start walking another set of circles and I promise you guys won’t lose a bird

Sixth Tip

So my sixth tip is going to make sure that they’re dead and this is actually kind of a two-pronged point I’m gonna cover two a little bit different topics but they’re kind of loosely tied together with the first one of those being that if you drop a dove Oh ease.

If you’re gonna walk out there if you don’t have a retriever you’re gonna walk out there take your gun with you I can sight multiple examples of birds getting back up after they’ve been shot and just flying off because someone didn’t have their gun in their hand or wasn’t ready.

I’m not saying you know you need to sneak up on the bird but at least be having your gun be ready in case that bird does jump back up because doves are not very Hardy Birds they’ll go down.

They just get a pellet or two in them but then if you get close to them a lot of times they’ll pop back up and try to get into a tree line or try to fly away the second side of that tip is that if you shoot at a bird and you think you missed but you see it head for some nearby tree or cover make sure you keep your eye on that bird because of multiple times.

Before what I’ve had to happen is you shoot a bird you think you missed it but you actually hit it with a pellet or two in the chest cavity may be in the lungs probably and the bird takes about 30 to 60 seconds to die so it’ll fly away from you.

Think you missed it goes and lands in a tree or on a fence post or something and if you keep your eye on that bird a lot of times it’ll just drop dead in about 60 seconds so my advice is if you think you missed a bird.

But maybe you see feathers fly or the bird goes and lands nearby follow that bird see where it goes and a lot of times you’ll end up recovering a dead dove

Seventh Tip

Use an open constriction choke. I think a lot of people don’t do this simply because they’re stubborn while dove hunting I would recommend shooting an improved cylinder choke.

There was actually a study done in Texas not too long ago that found that the majority of people who were shooting an improved cylinder were shooting more birds and fewer shells than their counterparts who were shooting tighter constriction choke that’s because with lead shot an improved cylinder throws about a perfect dove pattern.

Out to 45 yards you start shooting a modified or full choke and you get way too tight of a pattern and you’re gonna miss a lot of birds that you should be hitting well within range and actually you can get away with using a skeet choke – by pattern one of those

Before that throws a great pattern out to about 30 – 35 yards for doves, so if you’re using a tighter constriction that improves cylinder for dolphin.

I’d recommend just having an open mind put in an improved cylinder try it out one day in the dug field if you don’t like it go back to your tight constriction but I just recommend at least giving it a shot and seeing if it does help you hit more birds.

Eighth Tip

So my eighth tip is to chase the crossing shot a very common shot for guys to shoot in the dove field is either a bird coming right over their head or coming straight towards them for me and I know other people that creates.

Some sort of shooting mental block if you’re not able to see the bird you have troubleshooting effectively so what my recommendation is you know a lot of times you’re taking that shot cuz you’re right under the burst flight line or you’re right where they want to land.

I’d recommend is sliding about 20 yards to either side of the bird’s flight line that way you’ll get crossing shots when they’re coming and going from where they want to be they’ll still be well in range about 20 yards.

But that way you’re not shooting birds that are supplying right down your gun barrel you’re shooting a crossing shot where your lead will be pretty Orthodox you can see the bird you can get out in front of it it does you know take some practice to master a crossing shot

But once you get used to shooting a crossing shot it’ll be a lot higher of a percentage shot in my opinion than shooting a bird right overhead or one that’s flying down your gun barrel.

So that’s all I have tips wise I hope you guys can get some use out of these tips I hope you guys can apply those to your situations and it helps you bag a few more doves.

I hope you got some good tips in this article also top-selling the best choke for dove hunting. Out in the field this fall if you guys have any questions about any of the tips that I gave anything dove hunting related post anything at all just leave it down in the comments below.

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